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A Series of PartnerPulse Demo's

In these 5 video's we give you an introduction in a typical PartnerPulse environment, including the usage and posibilities of the partner scorecard, homepage & campaigning, lead distribution & tracking and webshop & MDF.

1. A PartnerPulse introduction

Demo • 5 minutes

This demo shows you how Portal Managers and Channel Account Managers can manage and activate their partner base. We will also give you an introduction into the different tools that partners can use for Sales enablement and to engage with Marketing activities, from a Partner perspective.


Introduction • Partner Activation • Sales Enablement • Through Partner Marketing

2. Partner Scorecard

Demo • 11 minutes

This demo shows you how the scorecard can help you, providing direct insights into all capabilities, activities and results. We take a closer look at the key features or the Partner Scorecard and the different scorecard views you can use for different needs and usecases.


Scoring • Segmenting • Activation • Reporting Dashboards

3. Homepages & Campaign tools

Demo • 15 minutes

This demo shows you what a partner will see when visting the PartnerPulse enviroment. Including the partner's homepage, where the partner will land after logging in, and the partner's marketing and campaign functionalities in the Asset Library.


Customisable emails • Landing pages • Co-branding • Templates • Social Media

4. Lead Distribution & Tracking

Demo • 8 minutes

This demo shows you how you can generation, distribute and track leads. First, from a Channel Account Manager's perspective. Which manages the complete pipeline of leads. And secondly, from the partner's perspective. Which only manages their own contacts of leads, with different campaigning methods.


Campaigning • Follow-up Triage • Lead to deal tracking

5. Support Market Place & MDF

Demo • 4 minutes

This demo shows you how you the PartnerPulse MarketPlace with Market Development Funds (MDF). Mostly used for providing extra services or for selling or renting hard goods for supporting partners with their local activities.


Webshop • Ordering • Renting • Suppliers • Budgets • Online Payment