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Webinars & Movies

Learn more about PartnerPulse by watching our webinars and demos.

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Watch our videos

Learn more about our platform by watching our webinar series and demos.


A PartnerPulse introduction

In this video we give you a brief demo of the Partner Scorecard.


Partner and channel development

In this webinar we share our view on how to create a solid collaboration strategy that can and should lead your channel automation efforts. 


Channel Driven Business challenges

In this webinar we'll walkthrough two of the most common business challenges that our customers are facing.


Result Based Pricing: How it works

It can be hard to motivate your partners to sell for you all the time, and to know which partners to focus your efforts on. Whatever systems you currently use, we will elevate the discussions from excuses to real results. In this video we will show you how you can activate your Channel with guaranteed ROI in three steps.


2. The Partner Scorecard

This demo shows you how the scorecard can help you, providing direct insights into all capabilities, activities and results. We take a closer look at the key features or the Partner Scorecard and the different scorecard views you can use for different needs and use cases.


3. Homepages & Campaign tools

This demo shows you what a partner will see when visiting the PartnerPulse environment. Including the partner's homepage, where the partner will land after logging in, and the partner's marketing and campaign functionalities in the Asset Library.