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Recruit, score, plan and improve performance 

Understand and manage your partner network through a real time dashboard.

Our Partner Scorecard provides a clear overview of which partners are on the right track and who needs a push in the right direction.

Gamma Telecom

Gamma Telecom

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Gamma Telecom actively improves the Performance of their Business Partners

Gamma Telecom provides telecom solutions for small to large enterprises in all major Western European markets. With having a large network of Business Partners who sell their products, they decided they wanted to help these partners influence their local market, and monitor their activity and goals.

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Partner Scorecard Key Functionalities

Track your partners

Set goals, learn and evolve your strategy

Design and create dynamic partner scorecards, with preconfigured and custom goals on marketing- and sales readiness, capabilities and results. Connected to your existing data sources from different organisational layers, the automatic scoring system will keep you one step ahead when planning your next best step.
Track your partners
Track activities and consolidate data

Profile, track and score your partners capabilities, activities and results

Use automatic progress- and exception reports to discover key performing partners and the route to their success and develop new strategies and techniques to benefit partners performing below expectations. Create account plans, track capabilities and consolidate data on QBR reports to further back their growth.
Track activities and consolidate data

Nurture partner segments with preconfigured to-partner engagement tools

Easily break your network down into segments and activate the different segments of your partner network via automated and targeted email campaigns. Partner engagement is maximised with simple and easy whitin mail surveys and questionnaires. Didn’t someone join a campaign or event yet? Drill down and plan your activation activities. Re-engage with non transacting partners to better understand the potentials of your partnership.
Activate your partners
Activate your partners

A matching budget for every partner

Increase the attractiveness of conducting local marketing by offering Market Development Funds to your partners. You're fully in control: You define the amount of the MDF per partner, and control what spendings they can deduct from their budget; the system handles the submissions, approvals, routing and signing
A matching budget for every partner
A matching budget for every partner

Download Solution Overview & Business Case

The Partner Growth solution for your partners and a relevant Business Case, directly in your mailbox.

Features Overview

Pre-configured and customisable Scorecards & Reporting layouts

Pre-configured To-Partner Engagement Tools & Actions

Automated actions for distribution, followup and exceptions

Collaborate via to-do's, comments and by sharing documents 

Direct API access for creating 360 views

Budget management and administration

Customisable views, drill- & breakdowns

How we help our customers

with increasing the partner activity

Dean One
Dean One improves partner performance
ARAG increases result of intermediary network
a consistent corporate identity