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Privacy & Security

Latest update: August 2022


Welcome to our Privacy and security information page. In the documents below you can read all about how we handle personal data and how we store and secure this, whether you are a customer with us or not. You will also find all your rights with regard to your data and how you can use those rights. If you are not comfortable with the use of your data by Partner Pulse, please contact us.

If you are here because of research on our security measures or vulnerability disclosure program, I invite you to read the details provided or reach out to us with your questions.

The documentation will be updated frequently, for example, for legislative changes. It is therefore advisable to consult the statement periodically.

Maarten Elsenaar, CEO - Partner Pulse | +31 10 3110113

Privacy information

Description of security measures

Vulnerability disclosure & Bug bounty

Responsible disclosure policy

We pay a lot of attention to the cyber security of our platform. Unfortunately, it’s still possible that there’s a vulnerability somewhere in the system.

Have you found such a vulnerability? We would like to tackle this together, and you may be honoured in our wall of fame!

Wall of fame:

We thank the following persons for their contribution:

  • Ekin (shiar) in collaboration with the Responsible Disclosure program of de Volksbank - For finding a vulnerability in our upload tool rendering function